How to Register Microsoft Account (hotmail-live


In this article, we are going to guide you to create a Microsoft account, also known as Hotmail account, Live account, account. With this account, you will be able to use free email service of Microsoft, use it as Skype account and sign in some applications provided by Microsoft such as Windows Store, OneDrive, Office 365, etc.


Step 1: Access to registration page

Visit the following link: , click Register now

Step 2: Fill in basic information

Required information includes:

  • First name: type whatever name you want because this can be changed later
  • Last name: same as above
  • Username: type it in without spaces, it may include character “_” or dots. For example: hotmailsignuptips_2016
  • Domain of an email address: (,,
  • Password: it is recommended a password include upper case, lower case, numbers and special character to increase security. For example: 1234@A
  • Country: Select your country
  • Zip Code, Postal code: Enter Zip code
  • Birth date and Gender: enter your date of birth and your gender (male, female, other)

Step 3: Enter recovery information which helps recover your account in case you lost it.

In case you lost or forgot your Hotmail account, Microsoft will send you your information via the phone number and recovery email address you filled in when registering. Thus, you’d better enter it exactly.

  • Country: Select your country
  • Phone number: Fill in your phone number (remember to type it exactly)
  • Recovery email address: Enter another email address you’re using
  • Enter security code: If you couldn’t see it clearly, hit “New/Sound” to get new code or listen to the code.

Step 4: Confirm registration

After completing account information, hit the button “Create account” at the bottom of registration page. Skip “Send me suggested ads…” to avoid Microsoft’s ads

After hitting “Create account”, you will be automatically moved to the mailbox of And, congrats! You’ve just successfully signed up for a Microsoft account.

In the next article, we are going to guide you some tricks relating to account.

Thank you!