How to Download and Install Cydia Extender

Cydia Extender

It is by far the best utility to ensure that your jailbreak stay on at all times. Generally, what happens is your jailbreak might go “offline” if you forget to renew its certificate.

Usually, this is done through a computer running Windows or Mac. But some users don’t have access to a computer at all times and are often travelling or are away from their homes.

Cydia Extender comes in handy in these kind of situations. You can simply renew the certificate of your jailbreak after installing it on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

You can download it from the following link.

I suggest every user who owns a device with jailbreak installed to get this tool as soon as possible.

How to install Cydia Extender

You can simply download it from the link given above or you can add it to your iPhone directly from Cydia itself.

The first method is obviously easy and I would recommend everyone to go for that. Once you open Cydia, search for Cydia extender tool and press the install button.

Wait for it to complete the installation process. Once it’s installed, simply open it and renew your jailbreak IPA file. That’s how simple it is!