Excelfrome Expand into Bristol to Offer Premium Excel Consultancy Services


UK-based experts in Excel show companies how to make the powerful platform work harder for them while increasing productivity and saving money.

Bristol, United Kingdom – August 31 2017 ExcelFrome, a UK-based team of professional Excel consultants assisting clients with managing, analysing, charting and displaying their data, announced it has expanded into the Bristol area of Britain to help clients with Excel problems or improve their workflow. The company’s myriad of comprehensive services include assistance with Excel VBA, Excel Macros, Excel-2-Web, Microsoft Office and Excel Automation, Excel Dashboards, Microsoft Training, Excel Modelling and Simulation, Web Integration and Ecommerce, GIS and Mapping Data, MS Office and Excel Add-Ins, Databases, API Connections, Data Applications, Custom Workbooks and Bespoke Systems.

“Excel is a powerful and very useful tool, which is why it is used on a such a widespread basis,” says Ben Hiron-Grimes, owner of ExcelFrome and Excel developer/director. “But, as it was once said, with great power comes great responsibility; indeed, Excel possesses the power to make our lives easy or make it repetitive, painstaking and not very enjoyable. We want our clients to actually enjoy using Excel so that their spreadsheets do as much as possible, while also making their lives easier and less stressful (and their work time more productive).

“Our clients can see healthy returns-on-investment within one or two months of investing in our expert consultancy services – now that’s exciting, and is why we decided to stretch our reach to clients in the Bristol area.”

Hiron-Grimes’ team crafts and improves the Excel platform based on what works best for each client, adapting the programme to perform across a range of business and domestic environments alike. As the company’s Excel developer and guru James Sherwin explains it, “With Excel being used across the UK with good reason – it’s efficient, it’s well-supported and can do much more than calculations – we have begun adapting the platform for Bristol users either through complex customisation or by providing simple improvements to an existing workbook.

“Many businesses choose Excel because of its reputation of being a powerful industry standard for spreadsheets, but most do not realise its raw potential. We believe in showcasing this potential and helping businesses across Bristol get the most from their spreadsheets.”

Should clients be looking to run their spreadsheets more efficiently, ExcelFrome provides guidance with regard to improving productivity, which in the long-term saves time and money. Excel can also, according to company representatives, provide a streamlined workflow, whether it be through automated tasks, macros to reduce mundane repetition or better data-sharing tactics, with consultants able to provide automated reports ranging from spreadsheets to help with monitoring to stock control, accounting and analysis.

The Bristol-based organisation also integrates with third-party APIs, so clients can link their spreadsheets to their websites or feed data to an online account, whether it be Amazon, Google or EBay; client spreadsheets can be automatically populated with this data, and data can even be sent to these service platforms.

Beyond expert consultancy services, ExcelFrome offers full MS Office training to staff all across the UK, with programmes that are highly flexible and which range from one-to-one training through remote coaching, all of which include full documentation for future reference.

ExcelFrome Bristol Consultancy is located at Clocktower Yard, Temple Gate in Bristol and can be reached by calling 0800 772 3782.